Saturday, August 16, 2008

ASUS Eee PC 904H

I'm a proud owner of the ASUS Eee PC 904H.
I just got it yesterday.. the black one.
Its' got 8.9" LCD screen, 80 GB HDD and 1GB DDR2 RAM upgradable to 2.
It costed me Rs. 22,990/-
The actual price comes to about Rs. 26,990/-
Thanks to Independence Day Offer! And I really like its soft velvette pouch!! ;)
I also opted for the combo offer of WD's 120 GB external HDD for just Rs. 1990/- whereas the actual cost was Rs. 5990/-

It has a intel celeron @900Mhz processor compared to 1000H model.
The 1000H model has the ATOM processor which makes the battery life last longer.
However both the models have a super hybrid engine to increase the battery life..
The 1000H model also comes with bluetooth and dolby speakers whereas the 904H has integrated speakers.
Also compared to the 700 and 900 series where the keyboard is scaled down to 83% of the generic one, the 1000 series will have about 92% of the generic one
The Eee PC 1000H is priced at Rs. 29,990/-

I couldn't find the 1000 series Eee PC in Croma or Vijay Sales [Navi Mumbai area]
Oh and guess what the ASUS 701 which my colleagues bought for Rs. 17,000/- didnt come with a hard disk. Now the same model comes with a 120 GB HDD and at the same cost!!!

Also, we checked out ACER Inspire which is similar to the 904 model, rather with a slightly better config at the same price - Rs. 22,999/-
It has tht ATOM processor and 120 GB HDD.
But then the screen clarity was not that great.

Even with a good desktop machine, a nintendo DS and now the Eee PC, life is still not content!! Hehe

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  1. Congrats! But surely you must know that the 701 is the best eeepc? ;) :P :)


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