Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meeting room turns Hospital

So well, we were in midst of this really important meeting regarding the project not hitting its deadlines and all that.. Boredom hit me and my fellow artist friend when the programmers started discussing in depth stuff.
So we thought of a great idea to be part of the converstaion and enjoy it too..
We changed the whole scenario to a hospital.
Our producer was the Doc, the studio manager was the chief, the lead programmer was the patient.
And we started saying out wat can be termed as dialogues for the scene. And trust me it really fitted well!!

We had compounders, loaners, relatives, friends, more patients waiting for their turn etc sll playing their roles perfectly well.
We had two more fellas who were bored to hell and were looking as if they had no clue y they were there. Those were our non-interactable props ;)

And of course, myself and my friend had our share of guest appearances too!!

And tomorrow we both are supposed to play major roles. So well... I'm not quite prepared with the dialogues.. if u know what I mean... Hehe!

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