Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Strike 18/21 n Get Married?

Earlier we were forced to get married early and now we have decided to take that step on our own?
Well, Of course I do know that this is a personal aspect and it varies from person to person.
A couple of years back, I remember most of my friends saying..
"Marriage? Now? Is'nt that so soon? My career is important..."
And I completely agreed with them, only to attend their marriages last year and to recieve calls regarding their 'Good News' ;)

Well, I aint saying its wrong.. but y this sudden change? Any idea?
Recently I read an article - a survey on youngsters getting married. Girls of 18 and guys of 21 are married. And in fact, they are finding it easier. They say marriage has taught them to be responsible and to work even harder and to enjoy the little pleasures of life.

And I always thought getting married early was trouble!!

Well, I stick to my view of getting married as late as possible, but please do come if I invite you to attend my marriage in a couple of years.. Ha Ha! ;)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mumbai geek re-defines science!

Mumbai geek re-defines science by creating a so called time machine?

Read the conversation...
It started normally:

Dani: aye
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: hola
Dani: sup
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: nm
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: gettin ga new bike...
Dani: nice
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: not a ducati though
Dani: hehe
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: we poor ppl here, but i still can manage 2 make the streets of mum unsafe with a regular thunderbird

This is where it triggered off I think. He just wanted Dani's Attention!

VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: ssup
Dani: lolz not all have ducatis so thunderbird is good enuf
Dani: as long as it has handles and wheels i guess its fine
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: even a bicycle has those
Dani: even a bicycle is fine
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: not if u wanna create history by the most spectacular chase action
Dani: u would create ancestral scriptures if u do that in a bicycle
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: i aint klark kent
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: klark kent is gay
Dani: clark kent is okay since i like JLA i dont diss neone and espcially not my idol bruce wayne
Dani: thou wayne whopps ass
Dani: wayne is cool oO
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: but i guess i can beat a ducati, thunderbird with machined pistons has a top speeed of 140
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: true
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: but i like green lantern

Then something weird happened. And we've no idea WHAT! Poor guy! :(

VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: to their mousy work and overthrow the earth
Dani: mousy?
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: hahahahaha
Dani: is confused like for real
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: by the dawing of the sun, they'll take over the earth...and nuthin wayne can do bout it
Dani: they = ?
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: the 2 super villians!!!
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: most brilliant and evil genius ever
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: one is a genius another is insane!!!
Dani: huh?
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: i invented a time machine
Dani: oh nice
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: it looks like a bed. What u do is lie down on it, close ur eyes and think of nothing. All ofa sudden u go 8 hours into the future. For better performance, use drugs and booze as enhancers
VOLKSGRENADIER aka Geekster: will patent is. i call it "sleep". So i'll get paid everytime someone uses it



Well, the following is an email sent by my room mate's sis to her. I found it rather interesting and of course the presentation is wat struck me first. Hence I'm posting it here.

P.S: Do not sue me :-s .. Me m poor XD

They say curiosity killed the cat. Probably there must be a story whichresulted in this proverb but to this date I have not met anyone who couldtell me that story, which makes me all the more curious. Ah well. This is an ironical situation is it not? It may also be a catch 22 situation.I must confess the story of yossarin and his compadres amuses me but all thechapters seen as a whole from a distance is difficult to comprehend for me. In simple words I do not understand that story. ^_^

You know the classic novels are so much better to read because the storyline is not difficult to make sense of. They have the simplicity that peopleonce possessed. For example you take the 'God of Small Things' by Arundathi Roy. It has won the booker prize. I have read that book three times but Ihave not understood it till now. What to do. It must be my short coming tonot see the faint lines that lead the characters to the end of the book, doing what they do. There is no dramatic end. No carpe diem moment. It justfades away into nothing and you are left feeling at a loss.But you take 'East of Eden' by John Steinbeck. I really liked that book somuch. I bought that book second hand for twenty rupees. It was disappointingthat in my haste I did not examine the book properly and the last thirtypages were missing and so I did not read the end and till now I don't know what happens in the end of the book. But the story was so good. The characters have so much life and you really feel their emotions when youread. It's the same when you read 'Memoirs of a Geisha' but that book is more recent and it still has that antiqueness that makes you want to read itslowly and savor the book.The thing about the books like Harry Potter is that as they are fantasy theydo not show life as it is. That's why I guess in the long run, and I mean a fifty to hundred years, they tend to be forgotten.

Like Chrestomanci was forgotten. It was revived because of 'Harry potter series'. People startedloving fantasy when J K Rowling's work came out. Lord of the rings has much more depth and so won't be forgotten so quickly. Ant the movie wasunbelievable ^_^ That's the same reason why Shakespeare, Premchand,Rabindranath Tagore and Charles Dickens won't be forgotten.

Food for thought ^_^

-By Jyothi Nayak :)


I've absolutely no friggin idea y I made this blog. As most of us who've made our own blogs know that the truth is out there. As to y v give up on a blog and make another..... blah blah!

Basically I'm bored.. Hence this!


I even wonder who the hell is gonna read the crap I wrote now :-?

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