Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog Title Change

When I created this blog, the url and title (Confessions of a confused freak) seemed appropriate. But now as I have grown (matured :P), I want to change it. Also my husband, Arjun insists I'm neither confused nor a freak ;)

Unfortunately changing the blog link is not as easy as it seems to be. All previous links will become dead links, the page rank will be reset and what not...

So I opted for the easiest solution; let the url be as it is and change the title header ;)

Starting today it's called La Dolce Vita.. the sweet life! :)

The Dove Sponsored Indiblogger Meet

So, it's been 5 months since I last updated my blog. By now I've made up enough excuses of the lack of time, but am not going to list them here ;) So moving on, let me start talking about the meet!

A women's only meet! This was the first ever Indiblogger meet I attended. I don't have to tell you why this drew my attention. It was all about getting pampered and it was free! \:D/

The venue was Four Seasons hotel in Worli. That's crazy miles away from my cozy home for a lazy person like me. Nevertheless, I decided to embark this journey. Also I was the one who asked my friend Hazel to sign up for the event and she may have killed me if I didn't turn up; just a possibility :P

Luckily I had 4 amazing ladies for company: the twitter queen Vibha, the young & vivacious Deeppzz, a hospitality professor (yep!) Laxmi and a fellow entrepreneur Preeti.

Together all 5 of us headed to the venue and reached there at 11:00 am sharp. Right on time! We registered ourselves and in a span of 30 minutes were called to get our foot massages done. It was lovely. That was the first foot massage I ever got done in my life. Those who know me won't be surprised! :D

By the time our massages were done, we had more and more ladies come in and soon enough the introductions started. We had a great variety and I've decided to dedicate this post to all the ladies I interacted with. (I hope I don't forget any one here)

Now for those who are here to read about the details of the meet, I'm going to refer you to Aasheianaa's blog, a fashion blogger and a charmer. She has covered it well for all of us :)

Adding to the list of the amazing ladies I present to you,
IdeaSmith, the one who can easily captivate an audience.
Nisha, an amazing woman and a global traveler.
Priyanka, the pretty girl next door.
Neha, an incredible liar, I mean lawyer ;), the one with the best opening statement at the introduction round.
Aparna & Shirin , the lovely sister duo.
Tara, the one in the search for 'Khushi' :)
Anuradha, the one who can maintain 18+ blogs! Woah!
Amreen, the football fanatic!
Vasudha & her lovely kid, Harini who could come with the most amazing slogan for her team!
Nikolai, the tiny, amazing traveler.
Anu, the very creative and talented art and crafts blogger.
Charu, the one who had the most cheerful face. I did not interact with her, but she has a face that one can't forget :)

This is just the list I can recall. I'm sure I've missed some names and will make sure I get them in the next meet! :D

And how could one forget this little blogger! :)
Universal Chennai Indiblogger

I really have to thank Dove and Inidblogger for this great meet. Looking forward to more such meets!
And thanks to Dharmi who gave me a relaxing hairwash.

The t-shirt
The Dove Hamper
My product review shall follow after I experiment with it :)
Now, I better get back to work, before my friend and partner, Deepti finds out what I'm actually doing instead of working ;)

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