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Dreams & Premonitions - Part 1

I've always been interested about this topic. I have had my share of premonitions. By premonitions, I mean a look into the future event which is not necessarily evil. In fact, some of my premonitions were happy ones!

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Some of my dreams usually tell a huge story; most people wonder how I could watch an entire movie as a dream ;)

When I have a nightmare, 90% of the time, I enter a pause state. From this state I can always choose to continue or get out of the nightmare. It's weird really; but it happens to me.

In almost all my dreams, I see myself in third person as well as in first person. That is I'm a character in the dream as well as the audience. And both of them have a link, where the "audience" me who is watching the dream could somehow help the "character" me.

I always wanted to do a detailed study of dreams and premonitions, but never got around doing it. I finally decided to do it. On the side, I have decided to document some of my dreams.

The very first memory of a dream was when I was 2 or 3 years old. A close-up face of an old man, who told me that he came to see me and will be always there with me. The next morning I went to mom to tell her. But she was busy. Then I went and pestered my sister. She laughed at me and then to get rid of me decided to showed me some family photos. I pointed at the old man. My sister told me I'm trying to fool her and revealed that it was our grandpa (dad's dad). I swore to her that I had no idea! She didn't believe me (not back then). Our grandpa had passed away much before my birth. While I'm sure that my parents would have shown me the photo when I was younger or so; but I'm most certain I was unaware. At least my conscious mind was.

At that age itself I started wondering about the significance. That dream is something that's absolutely clear in my mind. I can still see that entire dream with open eyes.

I once had a dream about my boyfriend. He was a gem of a person, but my past had made me vary about commitments and relationships. I started doubting if I even loved him! One night, in my dream, I was at his wedding. We were at the stairs. He held my hand, looked at me lovingly, and without saying anything, he turned away and left. The wedding rituals began. I stood at the stairs, speechless, watching him go far from me and wept uncontrollably. My heart felt heavy and I could barely breath. I woke up and I continued to weep. I could feel the pain. In reality I did attend his wedding and instead of standing at the stairs & weeping, I stood next to him in my bridal attire sporting a smile :)
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