Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Long time

Woah! Been a while since i wrote any crap in here!
Well its all the pre-wedding jitters... Alright so m bloody scared!And so is my fiance...

As he puts it, the attention and the elaborate ceremonies are terrifying him... I guess its the same with me... Hell, I told my parents that register marriage was fine..

Oh god, suddenly the thought that we have to bear (ya not bare, baring is fine! :P) each other for all 24 hours... well not exact for we will sleep, peacefully? maybe? I want the cozy bed for myself! WAAH!

Holy shit, is pre-wedding jitters this bad? The responsibilities..
ah i will have to cook! And i dont know to cook properly... I can only make up stuff which given the time to rush to office wont be good...

The relatives! Staying at my in-laws place for sometime... alright... m freaking out...

You know whenever you are out to stay at some relatives' place, it's always a problem to know where to dry your inner wears or maybe dispose the sanitary pads for a gal or a guy with some strange problem...

Hell, I dunno y i wrote that above para... but it holds true.... even excretory processes are going to be uncomfortable!

Did anyone consider this before their wedding or am I the only one?

In about another month, my marriage is up... Forget cold feet, I'm frozen!!!!

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