Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Long time

Woah! Been a while since i wrote any crap in here!
Well its all the pre-wedding jitters... Alright so m bloody scared!And so is my fiance...

As he puts it, the attention and the elaborate ceremonies are terrifying him... I guess its the same with me... Hell, I told my parents that register marriage was fine..

Oh god, suddenly the thought that we have to bear (ya not bare, baring is fine! :P) each other for all 24 hours... well not exact for we will sleep, peacefully? maybe? I want the cozy bed for myself! WAAH!

Holy shit, is pre-wedding jitters this bad? The responsibilities..
ah i will have to cook! And i dont know to cook properly... I can only make up stuff which given the time to rush to office wont be good...

The relatives! Staying at my in-laws place for sometime... alright... m freaking out...

You know whenever you are out to stay at some relatives' place, it's always a problem to know where to dry your inner wears or maybe dispose the sanitary pads for a gal or a guy with some strange problem...

Hell, I dunno y i wrote that above para... but it holds true.... even excretory processes are going to be uncomfortable!

Did anyone consider this before their wedding or am I the only one?

In about another month, my marriage is up... Forget cold feet, I'm frozen!!!!


  1. OK I'm not married or even come close to anything of that sort except pregnancy scares (As a father the only thing I could teach a kid is how to belch out the alphabet) I don't have any pads to dry and if I did that would mean a complete change in lifestyle. Men don't worry about hanging out their undies or bellies, so I don't see a problem there(maybe my girlfriend does..will ask). As far as the loo is concerned, keep flushing to hide other noises or get a silencer in the flush if the flush itself is a problem.

    Congrats again. When is the wedding?
    And I am not lurking. Not without a telescope anyways. :D I was in Trivandrum for my dad's 60th birthday. Was nice. Scared some relatives with the hair. Good fun.

  2. I get u!!! about the undies n the pads n all!!! not married..but i understand!!! so the undies..hide them under the towel while me..people always look at the undies..use new ones wen at ur in laws place..use conservative the event that its discovered..DO NOT i repeat..DO NOT..put out ur lingerie in public!!!
    n the pads...c that u get a dustbin placed in the bathroom or in "your" room if thats possible..discuss this with ur fiancee in advance..plan it...for e.g. only you or your then husband will pick up your towel cuz only the two of you knows the secret it holds...wen u place it for drying make sure u choose the corner of the clothesline...people dont generally move stuff thats at the the corner of the clothesline...
    AND finally..make your mom in law your best you can tell her stuff like your periods and she will make sure tht your disposal of pads will be smooth...
    tell me if any of this makes sense..n for any more queries feel free to contact me :)


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