Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Alright, Mulan makes me cry!!
The ending is so touching!!

I love the movie... Sometimes i can so relate myself to it...
Ah... my eyes are filled with tears and i'm in office...

Ya was watching it on you tube...

Ok.. me off to the washroom to let the tears shed...

I just can't get enough of Mulan!

Comic 3: Tongue over hands

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Intellectual luncheons

When i go out with the guys from my office for lunch (when i don't get mine from home), it's a completely different experience...

Most are geeks and i love their company... The conversation maybe technical, programming, sci-fi book or movie or just plain anything that grabs my attention compared to the regular hindi movies, boy friends etc...

However, we discussed barbie, katrina kaif and aishwarya rai today! Well... the inorbit mall (vashi) did have some barbie thingy going on...

Maybe that led to it.... Hmmm... weird... intellectual luncheons and barbie don't match...

Oh and yes, we did agree when one of them made a point after looking into this pink room set up "Anyone who stays in that will grow up to be an airhead!"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Comic 2:

Inspired from the message sent out by Job Hopper in a forwarded mail :D

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Dell launches DELLA!

Thanks to my women dev mailing list, I came across this:

So well… DELL came up with DELLA, a website showcasing their “cute” products targeting the women community.
But, unfortunately, DELLA has not gone well with the women…especially the tech tips

Some of the original snippets of the first DELLA site tech tips can be found here

Here, one of the DELL responsible tells us that after the feedback they made the tech tips more technical

And here’s DELLA’s tech tips – the updated ones!

My personal opinion on it: Please don't think anything small in size is cute and hence appealing only to women!

I'm ok with the color schemes etc, but the previous tech tips were ridiculous...
They could have at least tried making a special gallery for the tech-savy ones?
And split it as novice and expert users or so... It would have saved a lot of trouble...

Anyways, I'm pretty much happy with my EEEPC 904H! Alright so i rarely use it thanks to my working hours and my good desktop machine. But not complaining!

Just for the records, i bought a black colored one!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Comic 1: The Process

Do open the image in a new tab or window for readability.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Flaw in saving numbers to your mobile phone

I just realized that the mobile phone treats the first three numbers as the same for any particular number which has the rest of the 7 numbers as the same?

Consider a number: 9821111111

If u change the 982 to any three digit combination, it still treats it as the same number (the latest phones inform if the number has been saved before… so u can notice it)

I noticed it yesterday when my while feeding data into my dad’s new phone and 2 of my dad’s friend’s had the same number except for the second digit...


I'm doing some research on it now...

Friday, May 15, 2009

From game designer to screen-play writer

U don't know what either of them is, then please use google :)

Well, my good friend, a smart girl and a great designer now changes her focus to screen-play writing...

She has always been of the experimental sorts. She traveled through advertising, copyrighting, game designing and now screen-play writing.
While I'm happy for her new found profession, i'm also sad that she is out of game-designing.

Now I hardly have anyone to discuss game-designing with.. now I'm left with just the mailing lists!!

Female game designers in India are scarce.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to suck up to your boss?

Those who are looking for answers here... Sorry...its just my rant that you are gonna find.

I just don't get it... How.. How can you suck up to anyone? I mean don't you have a life??

Well... ya.. so it gets u few benefits... but seriously do u even feel honored by them... Won't you have the guilt that u were rewarded for ur excellence in sucking up and not because of ur talent...

I would take that as a hurts my ego to suck up to anyone!! N i've a pretty big EGO!!!

And by EGO, i mean - my consciousness of my identity and not the inflated pride.

And no, i don't like a round flag!! (only very few will understand this)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I can't stand the "typical" girls!

I just can't! I've always been with a group of guys and the limited female friends i hand out with are pretty intellectual and able to talk abt topics besides fashion and men.

Intelligence, general knowledge, computer savy, humor etc are some of the features i look for in my friends irrespective of the gender...
Well.. i like the geek sorts!!

And sorry to say... but most girls & ya.. few guys...don't fit the bill!

I once had a girl ask me if my DS was a laptop!
Christ... its alright not to know abt the DS... but compare it with the laptop!!?

And then the typical girls.... they like to scream, they literally laugh out loud damaging everyone's eardrum, they make a great deal about a poor guy who forgot to give two of them a cashew nut, who scared the hell outta me when they were discussing abt how a girl's dupatta was wrongly aligned (point to be noted: nothing was revealed because of that anyways...) And they think the washroom is their hangout place...

I've tried to reduce my visits to the washroom as much as possible!
But then what to do... I gotta pee!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The only girl left!

So.. yes... by next week, i will be the only girl left in my studio...

When i joined here, we were 6 girls..

Then one was asked to leave... which left us 5...

Then a small merger happened which added 2 more girls...
Our count increased to 7!! Wow!

Then another one was asked to leave.
3 quit for personal reasons...

Which left three of us...
Now one, my good friend, left since she is getting married...

The second last one - the last one being me - is also leaving by the end of this week...

So that leaves just me.....

Girls and gaming hardly last long here.... :(

Branded Mid Rise Jeans

Ah... so my boyfriend forced me to get this branded levis mid rise jeans....
he paid so m not complaining.... :P

I usually go for the local brands and end up buying these baggy pants... well they are pretty comfortable!!! so what if they look out of shape!! :-|

Coming back to the point, he got me this jeans and i wore it today... and for few hours i had a hard time adjusting to the mid rise... which seems more like a low rise to me...

Ya...m used to high rise jeans!

Now... m getting used to it... and well... it ain't looking as bad as i thought it would... hehe...

Looks like its high time i started acting girly.... but its a pain to do so!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I wanna be richie rich!! $_$

Me need money!!!
I want to buy an iPhone, a PSP, a PS3 and so much more....

The bloody iPhone costs 31k!!! God!! Y cant the prices ever come down....

Since we are developing for the iPhone, i think i fall behind as I'm unable to check out all the games for the iPhone....


Please God grant me just 72 crores INR! + the tax amount on it!
Thats ALL i ask for!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

XKCD Comic

This is one of my all time fav...

When this happened to me, I really wanted to slap the person hard... ok very hard... after i broke my head trying to find the third word and when he gave this stupid solution.....

This comic is for that guy!!!
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