Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dell launches DELLA!

Thanks to my women dev mailing list, I came across this:

So well… DELL came up with DELLA, a website showcasing their “cute” products targeting the women community.
But, unfortunately, DELLA has not gone well with the women…especially the tech tips

Some of the original snippets of the first DELLA site tech tips can be found here

Here, one of the DELL responsible tells us that after the feedback they made the tech tips more technical

And here’s DELLA’s tech tips – the updated ones!

My personal opinion on it: Please don't think anything small in size is cute and hence appealing only to women!

I'm ok with the color schemes etc, but the previous tech tips were ridiculous...
They could have at least tried making a special gallery for the tech-savy ones?
And split it as novice and expert users or so... It would have saved a lot of trouble...

Anyways, I'm pretty much happy with my EEEPC 904H! Alright so i rarely use it thanks to my working hours and my good desktop machine. But not complaining!

Just for the records, i bought a black colored one!

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