Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Strike 18/21 n Get Married?

Earlier we were forced to get married early and now we have decided to take that step on our own?
Well, Of course I do know that this is a personal aspect and it varies from person to person.
A couple of years back, I remember most of my friends saying..
"Marriage? Now? Is'nt that so soon? My career is important..."
And I completely agreed with them, only to attend their marriages last year and to recieve calls regarding their 'Good News' ;)

Well, I aint saying its wrong.. but y this sudden change? Any idea?
Recently I read an article - a survey on youngsters getting married. Girls of 18 and guys of 21 are married. And in fact, they are finding it easier. They say marriage has taught them to be responsible and to work even harder and to enjoy the little pleasures of life.

And I always thought getting married early was trouble!!

Well, I stick to my view of getting married as late as possible, but please do come if I invite you to attend my marriage in a couple of years.. Ha Ha! ;)

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