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Well, the following is an email sent by my room mate's sis to her. I found it rather interesting and of course the presentation is wat struck me first. Hence I'm posting it here.

P.S: Do not sue me :-s .. Me m poor XD

They say curiosity killed the cat. Probably there must be a story whichresulted in this proverb but to this date I have not met anyone who couldtell me that story, which makes me all the more curious. Ah well. This is an ironical situation is it not? It may also be a catch 22 situation.I must confess the story of yossarin and his compadres amuses me but all thechapters seen as a whole from a distance is difficult to comprehend for me. In simple words I do not understand that story. ^_^

You know the classic novels are so much better to read because the storyline is not difficult to make sense of. They have the simplicity that peopleonce possessed. For example you take the 'God of Small Things' by Arundathi Roy. It has won the booker prize. I have read that book three times but Ihave not understood it till now. What to do. It must be my short coming tonot see the faint lines that lead the characters to the end of the book, doing what they do. There is no dramatic end. No carpe diem moment. It justfades away into nothing and you are left feeling at a loss.But you take 'East of Eden' by John Steinbeck. I really liked that book somuch. I bought that book second hand for twenty rupees. It was disappointingthat in my haste I did not examine the book properly and the last thirtypages were missing and so I did not read the end and till now I don't know what happens in the end of the book. But the story was so good. The characters have so much life and you really feel their emotions when youread. It's the same when you read 'Memoirs of a Geisha' but that book is more recent and it still has that antiqueness that makes you want to read itslowly and savor the book.The thing about the books like Harry Potter is that as they are fantasy theydo not show life as it is. That's why I guess in the long run, and I mean a fifty to hundred years, they tend to be forgotten.

Like Chrestomanci was forgotten. It was revived because of 'Harry potter series'. People startedloving fantasy when J K Rowling's work came out. Lord of the rings has much more depth and so won't be forgotten so quickly. Ant the movie wasunbelievable ^_^ That's the same reason why Shakespeare, Premchand,Rabindranath Tagore and Charles Dickens won't be forgotten.

Food for thought ^_^

-By Jyothi Nayak :)

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  1. well...this is miss"72"'s roomate and this is what i told my sister :)

    Your mail has made me think deeply about your literary interests and your choice of words and i conclude that it is particularly tastey(journalist material...says my roomate ^_^).
    well my dear jyothi,damn the cat who got killed by curiosity,i am curious to know what made you so curious about this whole thing at such a curious time and no doubt the absolutely ungodly hour you decided to inform me that you have sent me a mail(2:45am)?
    I am so sure the author of Catch-22 had no idea what he wrote himself.he must have started writing and not known where to stop,and as it is in the contemporary world,we just love to praise what is a bit different from the original,and fortunately for the man,not only did he make bundles of money when people like us read reviews written by people like us who did not understand the story but thought "i want to be different,i am going to praise this book" and bought the book but also had a caption based on the title of his book which otherwise would not have ever been thought of as of now and continued to be called "a mess or a mix up" in layman's language.
    Now about "The East of Eden",well,i agree i loved the book too,and cursed not only your short sightedness on buying a book which is just 3/4th of the story but also my mine to start reading it.That book makes me wonder....is it the seed to our Indian saas bahu programs.Women who have nothing else to do but scheme and make money out of the most vile ways,i am so sure you will agree with me on this.Maybe Ekta Kapoor decided that John Steinbeck has really struck it gold when he decided that there are certain women who can be cunning and cruel and who else to best potray them in indian standards than a typical mother in law.
    And Arundhati Roy...hmm...it would be better if we suggest to her to continue to write her incomprehensible work rather than sit and scream about the Narmada river.Maybe we will one day triumph in understanding her and finally appreciate fine arts which is what refined people are supposed to read.And that day we can understand why she won so much of money to write a story which people cant understand.


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