Saturday, August 30, 2008

Superstitions, God and more unrelated stuffs

I saw the hindi movie called "Phoonk" today.. It is based on superstitions, atheism etc. So I'm inspired to write about it now.
Lemme also say that this topic is not going to stick to one thing.. Also I might be writing stuff here and there. So don't mind!

Occultism, Black Magic etc were always my favourite topics. To know about stuff you can't see or exciting beliefs made me look out for them. If you ask me whether I'm a believer in God and the Devil, then well I really don't know.

I've always questioned my mother's faith in God and yet I cry out the Lord's name when I'm afraid. It gives me strength rather it makes me feel as if I'm protected and feel stronger. My family believes in God completely with all their heart. I do to a certain extent.

Sometimes I wonder what is this feeling we get when we watch the horror movies.. I know atheist ppl who get afraid watching them too.. But y? Do they believe in the devil? If not, then what are they afraid of? If yes then how diff is it from believing in God..

Somehow I always seemed to have believed that if there is something good, then there is something bad. There are positive ions and negative ions, there is the male gender and the female gender, a good-looking and an ugly,  white and black, a good and a bad.. More like something to create balance.. Too much of one thing will disturb the balance of the universe..

Ever wondered abt the process of getting old? I sometimes start thinking how I will be when I get old, then it makes me think.. how can I get old.. How are we born? No. M not asking for the biological answers here!!  What are we? How do we get related to each other? What makes a family? Sometimes I stare at my mom and think... Who is she? Why do I listen to her? Why does it hurt when something happens to her? Why do I feel bad if I shout at her for something? What is this bond of attachment? Where did we all come from? Our origin? Who made us? ADAM-EVE? Darwin's Theory of Evolution? I really dunno. But one thing I know is that I will never get answers for these.

Ok, the above was off topic maybe.... or not! Coming back to the believers and the non-believers..
I don't usually go to temples. Mom visits it often. When she asks y I don't.. I say, "God is everywhere. I don't have to explicitly go to a temple to see him." On the other hand I also question her.

Once I had gone to the bengali durga puja mandal and I saw the "Karthikeya" God also called as "Murugan" for the tamil folks. On our way back home, I was asking mom few questions. It went something like this.
Me: How come the bengalis believe in "Karthikeya".  
Mom: y can't they?. We are all Hindus, we believe in the same Gods no?.
Me: Well, but apparently "Karthikeya" or "Murugan" is know to be the tamil God, the creator of the language.. then how come the bengalis started believing him?
Mom: For them, the story of "Karthikeya" is different.
That was all I needed to hear! ;)
Me: So that means, we have innumerable stories for the same God depending on the caste or something, so which one is true. How can I believe in any of them?

So well, there was no answer for this... What are these different languages we speak? Why are we all the same and yet different?
That's all for today.. Looks like I'm gonna continue sometime later

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