Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dream House - Not in reality!

Considering the property rates in Mumbai, it really is just a dream to own a house of your choice. Once upon a time long long ago.. I had a dream to buy a 3 BHK atleast which has now come down to 1 BHK which also nowadays seems unlikely!

A frigging decent 1BHK also costs around 30 lacs even in Koparkhairane area!!

To own a house these days is like achieving a herculean task!!
And I'm not including the higher class society. They can still afford.

I really dunno what's gonna happen in few years or months!!
With the property rates so high, there are high chances the rental live ins are gonna be at its peak. Thats probably the cheaper way out. But then ppl have to be ready to move in and out!!!

Oh GOD!!
Gimme some money to buy a 3BHK!!

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