Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guitar Hero for PC!!

So, well.. we are having a gaming party at office this friday. Guitar hero is one of the events and it is being hosted by our studio. Today was the practics sessions and I was so regretting that such a nice game was restricted to just the consoles. So my colleague just googled it and guess what!!?
There IS a PC Version!!
Guitar Hero III is launched for the PC.
Ok wait! It was lauched like a year back and no one knew!!
I have never seen the PC version in the market...

Just when my happiness was at its peak, I started finding out the minimum requirements for the game and I was highly dissapointed. My current system (ITS A NICE ONE!) just about matches the minimum requirement of the game!

I've no clue why they need such a high end system to run Guitar Hero!!
Follow these links to read abt it (Gamespot, IGN etc all have it too.. Well Obvious!)

fter reading the review I'm in double minds whether to bother buying it and wait for the Wii prices to drop and get the Wii and teh game! ;)

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