Monday, August 25, 2008

Office Olympics

So on the friday that went by, we had an Olympics going on at office.
Counter Strike, NFS, guitar Hero, Tele matches and chess were the official games!
Although the name given to it was to remind us of "Olympics", the most important feature of the Olympics was not implemented!
There was just a first prize and points for that studio!
This sucked because we came second in all the games except CS which we won!!
Also, our studio always wins usually! And it really sucked to lose this time..
Oh well, we will take over next time... ;)
After all this we played good ol' Quake III and UT on LAN unoffficially!! It was fun!!
And I never knew I was this good at Quake!! May be all the frustration just poured in.. Ha Ha!!
Also we had Mario Kart racing - multiplayer on the DS.
Forgot to mention free snacks!! Thankfully we could've two rounds.. Boy... I was real hungry!!
Also we had to dress up in our whacky style that day!! I was gonna go for a goth look then changed my mind. Much better to let ppl laugh at me than scare them to death..hehe
Here's the pic:

Ok! alright!
No need to laugh now!! :P

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