Friday, July 17, 2009

Bomb Scare @ Raghuleela Mall

Our office is in the 11th floor of the IT park behind raghuleela mall...
Yesterday, i came, started my PC, was browsing the net... and right when i thought i will go pick up something from the canteen, than ma friend called and said.. "Don't panic, just get everyone and come down"

Now, "Don't panic" is usually panicky!
We didn't know what to do... Soon enough our HR head repeated the same words... and off we went... All this while, we were thinking it was a fire drill.. So we even took the stairs!

Few workers on the 6th floor had no clue what was happening and they were asking us! So we were going down and down the stairs slowly... Ya no stampede as no one knew what the whole thing was about... My fiancé was nicely drinking his coffee on his way down..Heh...

So we got down and learnt that it was a bomb scare.... Best part was that people were gathered right next to the building.. What's the point??

And then it rained... and guess what, ppl headed back to the building for shelter! It was funny....

The security guards had no clue what was going on.. Terribly mismanaged ppl! Our company heads and employees were taking the initiatives to get ppl to a safe distance..

Finally after few hours, it was declared off for the day and most of us left home... After another few hours of scanning (its a 16 storey building!), the bomb squad returned empty handed! Hoax call!

And later I read from here,

that the news they received was the bomb was gonna detonate in 20 minutes! Now, if that bomb was there for real, then I would've been alive to write this post.... Coz i think we all reached the ground floor only by then or later maybe!!

And ppl were being let inside the mall. Only the It park was blocked... Communication gap..

If it really was a 20 minutes timeline, then most of us would've been dead by now!

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  1. And people across in the BSEL tech park where I work had no clue as they calmly and pretentiously argued about the benefits of using mac and linux systems over windows. Such a shame. Are you sure they didn't mean bomb as in Rakhi Sawant? Then it might be reason to evacuate the building.

    BTW, I had to install a 32 bit XP and HURRAY!!! my itunes worked. I can't wait to get home and upload my entire library into the nano. But not before the frustration had actually forced me to write. So badly that I have created a prose blog.


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