Monday, August 3, 2009

A Snoring Dream

Hmmm... So everyone in my family except me is blessed with the gift of snoring. Me, the unfortunate one can't snore and hence can't stand the others snoring next to me and hence can't sleep!

I sometimes used to wonder how peacefully they slept, while besides the snoring, the paper fluttering or the door's slight banging, or any small sound bothers me so much till i fall into deep slumber.

Once i tried to snore rather act it out and i realized that your own snoring sound can be heard by u from the inside with a great echo effect that no other sounds matter...
Also u can tune it to a rhythm u want... ok so this maybe weird, i try to find rhythm in these sounds so that i can expect them in the same pattern and get used to it and find some sleep...

On on the whole, because of the snoring, I couldn't sleep for a good two hours last night. Hence this post.


  1. I once composed an entire album based on the rythms of my father's snoring.

  2. if my dad starts snoring... I shift to two rooms away :P its that horrible :D

  3. lolz... ya...
    my sis snores but stops the moment i kick her! So she... i can manage... :P


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