Monday, May 24, 2010

The Immortals of Meluha

That's the name of the book, the first in the Shiva Trilogy written by Amish Tripati, a finance professional, graduated from IIM Kolkatta!

With the current spree of IIM pass outs turning out to be book authors, I really wish I was in IIM! :P

Anyways... here's how I ended up in the world of Meluha!

So one fine day, on one of those occasional visits to the Landmark bookstore in Pune, I saw this particular book placed everywhere to grab the buyer's attention! I have ignored a lot of other books that used to belong there... But this one was different.

They say never judge a book by its cover... however this wasn't the case for me... The cover was what caught my attention!

Being a lover of mythology, I couldn't resist being drawn to this mighty and sensual depiction of Lord Shiva!

I ran to my husband who was busy finding some books in the Sci-Fi section and told him I've found something good! He smiled and said, "Just read a page and see if you like the way it is written, and then you will know for sure!"

Hell, why didn't I do that! So I opened the book and read the first page of the first chapter and by God I was in love with the book. I didn't wanna stop reading.

The language was simple and the flow was great! The content itself was bloody brilliant. Neatly broken into paragraphs, pleasing font and good page quality! I'm not going to delve into the plot outline or so as the author lets you read the first chapter here, and also because it has to be read the way he has written, else it will lose it's charm.

A nicely made trailer is also available here.

After Lord of the Rings trilogy, this is the only other book that I've read in just a span of few hours because I couldn't put it down till sleep took over me unknowingly and yet I was in Meluha. With Shiva, Sati and everyone else, I was there looking at my leader, my God, my Saviour!

I've always had a soft corner for mythology and fantasy alike and if one may see, deep down they are very similar... So I won't question the content and get into unnecessary arguments on whether it is right or wrong, because there will be no answers, just more arguments... If one can accept the existing mythology which revolves around magic and the supernatural and at times the unnatural, then accepting this theory seems to be more likely.

Amish has tried to bring forth a practical and more believable aspect of Lord Shiva into existence through his book. My imaginations ran wild as his writing helped me create my own land of Meluha, it's people, the Suryavanshis, the Chandravanshis, everyone existed in my world.

I always adore authors who can use simple language to convey the most magnificent things and he definitely is one of them! I highly recommend this book for believers and non-believers alike! You can know all about the book at

It was because of this book that I've got back into my reading habits and my husband is pretty delighted about that :) He is currently reading the book. This book has inspired the reader and the writer inside me! I owe one to Amish.

When I finished reading the last line of this book, my heart ached, I knew I had to wait... wait for Amish to finish the second book... It was hard... I wanted to know... I was in the book, in Meluha... and I'm still there, waiting...

Keep up the good work, Amish! May (Lord) Shiva be by your side to help you complete the series with the same amount of brilliance or more as seen in this one...

Har Har Mahadev!!!


  1. wow .. not sure if i liked the review more or the fact that you design games!! I read the book too and absolutely luvd it!! I have a thought process on that which I'll try to pen some time

  2. Thanks for that comment! I'm glad you liked it both! :D
    Indeed, a great book and a must read I would say! And I suggest you pen down your thoughts soon. The more we postpone, it never seems to happen!! :)

  3. I don't seem to have any patience with prose anymore...but you enthusiasm seems infectious.

  4. And you are back, u disappearing fella! Ah well, :D maybe you should read this one ;)

  5. Disappearing fella??? Sounds like a new superhero...."Look!! Up in the sky!! Its a bird!! Its a plane!! Its...gone??!!!"

  6. Shhh...there's a reason why its called "Secret" Identity

  7. Although it is a page turner and interesting, It’s difficult to reconcile the fact that book The Immortals of Meluha is set in 1900 BC whereas the language of the book belongs to the 21st century.

  8. I agree, but somehow I found that appealing. I also assume, it would gather more readers, who like to easy less complicated sentences or more real-life like.

  9. well may be the author is not as talented as tolkien to make a meluhavian language.....or may be he just wanted to release a book fast....

  10. It is a very subjective matter... Although I'm a great fan of Tolkien, I did like Meluha for the simple language... I can't justify it in words however...

  11. An enjoyable read The Immortals of Meluha by Amish . loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and original, this book is going in by "to read" list.


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