Thursday, April 15, 2010

A page from a girl’s diary

It was just another morning. I woke up, washed my face and looked into the mirror, and I just stood there gazing at my reflection. Suddenly in a flash, all those memories came by. I wondered how things have changed…
The slightly distant past revisited me. I remembered how incapable I was to do anything. I always needed you! The mornings started with calling you, then until the evenings I was always with you and at nights, we were back to our phones. It was as if my world revolved around you. Then, one strange twist of fate has made everything different.

I was still wondering how I managed to move on, how I’m what I’m right now… and then it struck me… it was you! Yes, my dear, you moulded me into an independent, strong woman that I’m today!
You’re now in a distant corner of this earth and out of touch for reasons that are obvious and yet my heart longs for your company, for we weren’t just lovers. You were my bestfriend, my confidante and all that I had. And you shall remain my best friend for eternity; that is one thing even fate can’t take away from me.
Now I’m with another man I love, and I became worthy of him because of you. I now follow all the advices you gave which I never paid heed to when we were together… Young and adamant weren’t we! They say everything happens for a reason. I do not want to question it for it somehow consoles me and I want to believe it blindly.
I miss our friendship, I miss the bond we shared, I miss talking to you and asking your help… I miss you a lot, my friend!
I do not know if my words will ever reach you, but this is what I’ve to say…

You were the one who taught me to be strong;
You were the one who righted my wrongs;
Yes, it was you all along!

The million smiles you brought to my face,
Even managed to squeeze one in my saddened gaze,
And ended my worries with a sweet embrace.

Now you’re gone to a distant land,
And to another man I love, I gave my hand,
As this is what the fate demands!

This day, I speak, would you hear?
With no guilt, worry or fear,
All I want to say, is I miss you my dear!

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  1. Touching.
    The emotions were so truly painted by your words.
    Loved it.
    Keep writing.

  2. "Another man I love"? Well I suppose it's better than nothing! lol

  3. @Zave: Thank you. Glad you liked it :)

    @Arjun: Def! One taught her how to love and the another man taught her what is love! :)

  4. Tight HUG for ya !!! and a big sloppy kiss on both your cheeks ..mwaaah

  5. *Blush*
    mmwwaaah! >:D<

  6. Awwww :) Can so relate to this. Hugs.

  7. Quite close to real life, I can say.

  8. True inspirations do spark from real life memories... don't they... :)


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