Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Creativity in Silence

It was a regular day at work. I managed to drop in a little early than usual. While sipping my blackcurrant smoothie, I looked around. I saw a lot of empty chairs. There was some sorta silence, an emptiness in the air. I felt fresh and at my creative peak! And then I realized how important the silence was for the creative minds.

My peak lasted for about half an hour for by then more and more people poured in; it was work-time after all. My artist friend, Kailash walked in and I immediately asked him about how he felt about silence as an inspiration for creativity. He completely agreed with me! And I'm sure that a lot others would agree as well...

It's not that its impossible to be creative otherwise; after all, most of us have been working in the silence forbidden environment for a long time and we've done good. But never something that has left us completely satisfied...

People expect more creativity yet they are not ready to provide a secluded environment. Everyone needs it, but it's hard to provide. People work better during early mornings or late nights. It's the silence, the emptiness, it puts your mind at peace. You can think clearer.

The afternoons do not compare to that of the mornings and nights, but still with a good amount of open space for oneself, it works! And by that I do not mean a large room. It just means a small secluded space.

Even now, while writing this, I can hear a lot of voices behind me. I'm unable to track what I wrote; the brilliant sentences and words coming to my mind are lost before they reach my fingers to type.

We need the creative space for being creative. We do not want it to die. We do not want to fall into the routine creativity. Creativity is the opposite of routine!

We possess talents that are not explored. Please do not forget that.
The emptiness speaks to us, they guide us, they unite us with our subconscious to work wonders!

We need the emptiness... the void is what fills us!


  1. Boy I have so many things to say about this...(*interesting how I have a lot to say about everything*) so let me just pose some intersting questions instead.

    1) Is the trait of Creativity limited to a chosen few Cretive Minds or is everyone is equally Creative(a property of sentience) and most people just don't want to try being Creative ?

    2) If everyone wanted to be Creative and were given all the creative space and creative time they needed would they be equally 'creative' ?

    3) If everyone had a limited amount of creative space and time would some of them be more creative than others ?

    WARNING: I have been told by many of my friends(and on several occasions) that I ask the wrong kinda of questions. It tends to shake the foundations of their perceived and accepted reality makes them rethink their beliefs and generally spoils the party.That it not my intention though, it's just the way I am :)

  2. 1) Isn't everyone creative? Don't you think a framework for your code needs to be creative enough to handle the "extra" features that get added every now and then? How you plan for the future and it fits well? Creativity need not necessarily be categorized as art or stories or poems...It's everything around us. Some like to explore more and some like to keep it simple. It's a choice.

    2) No, Like i said, it depends on the depth of exploration one tries to venture into and also on the matter that attracts his/her attention.

    3) Yes, else, everyone of us will be a Van Gogh, a Tolkien or a Carmack, wont we? :P

    Yeah well, I'm all up for the "shaking foundations" questions. I do that myself!
    How else does one learn? to change? to evolve? :D


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