Thursday, February 11, 2010

BioShock 3D Mobile Released!

This long awaited game is now available for the Verizon mobile devices.
Release Date: 9th Feb 2010

Click here to see it in the Verizon store.

BioShock 2D Mobile also released for the Verizon mobile devices.
Release Date: 5th Jan 2010

Click here to see it in the Verizon store.
Also, click here for the 2D mobile game review. It got a 7/10.

The 3D review is yet to come as it just got released.

I've been the lead designer for both the 2D and 3D mobile versions, however have been very closely associated with the 3D one as I belong to the 3D studio.

The 3D game has closely followed its console version and tried to do justice to it.

BioShock 3D ran into its alpha stages during recession time and I ended up losing my team members... This meant that the whole design was now on my heads... I literally had to read thru my team's work and redo the designs...

I also saw that a lot of similarities, pop ups, help messages, simple things as such was not implemented. I decided that we should do it. Although I was overloaded with the whole design (plus time was running short), I managed to squeeze these little things inside to get the whole feel!

The redesigning of levels took a toll on me, but I did take 3 ppl's job and still delivered it on time...
This game has given the whole team a lot of learning experience and it has been one of the most tiring yet pleasurable project!

I hope people like the game. We all did and we are honest! :)

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  1. BioShock 3D Mobile used the Unreal Engine or IGFUN's own mobile 3D engine?

  2. It's Indiagames inhouse engine - ICE 3D :)

  3. ICE 3D?

    same engine used for Bruce Lee and Pradator 3D?

  4. No, its not. Developing games in ICE 3D began with our 'Movin Maze 3D' game.

  5. thanks to your answer. good time~!

  6. Too bad this wasn't released on the iPhone. Not sure how a major name like this would ignore the biggest demographic for mobile gaming.

  7. Indeed! Actually, we do not possess the license to develop for the iPhone platform. We tried to push it but it eventually is 2K's decision :)

  8. Checkout some screenshot comparisons here:


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