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The Elusive One - IndiBloggeshwaris

Let me start this with a confession. I've been part of IndiBlogeshwaris' facebook group for quite some time. Until recently I was more of a silent spectator. I don't really know why it took me this long to interact because this is a frigging awesome group to be part of!

This June 2nd, IndiBlogeshwaris turned a year old! Happy Budaaay!! and kudos to the entire team behind it!

Note: IndiBlogeshwaris, as the name suggests is for women bloggers only! So think twice before you send a request to join ^^

Coming back to topic, since I'm already two days late to write this, let me keep this short! :D

Title: The Elusive One
Theme: Do something that you have been putting off for a long time and write about it.

I have always wanted to take up a creativity course and was quite successful in not doing it ever! The reason to take up the course was many. To improve my creative skills which according to me was dwindling away and which is a mandate for my job. To assure that I haven't completely lost it. To try something different. To see life creatively.

Towards end of April, my colleague sent me a link to a 6 week long creativity course. I signed up of course. Signing up doesn't take much effort ;) Around the same time, my friend and I decided to take some work that excited us both. And then there was my day job too. I was almost sure that the course was a goner because it required me to submit an assignment every week! Interestingly enough, this was the time I was (according to me) more active on the IndiBlogeshwaris group. I saw the post on Elusive One and it encouraged me more. I still can't believe I managed everything and have successfully completed the course without having to compromise on other aspects. It is great to have supportive friends and family!

While that pretty much sums up my Elusive One post, I wanted to add one more thing here. This here is part of the last assignment of the Creativity course.

Writing a resume is something we all have done; to showcase our achievements... Ever wondered what your failure resume might look like? Not just in terms of your professional life; also your academic and personal life...
Here's mine:

Use this link or click on the image to have a better view.

Oh and I also manged to break the curse of not updating this blog. The last post was 1.5 years back!
Two birds with one stone! :D 

Image Source: http://goo.gl/LPKXrX


  1. 1.5 years ago! Oh wow! Glad that we made you break the maun vrat. Vinita take a bow

  2. Hehe Indeed! and I didn't even realize it was that long! :S

  3. Ha ha I am really glad the "Elusive one" brought you out of your self imposed exile :) Would love to read more stuff from you :)

  4. Hehe... Yep! Sometimes you need a push! Thanks for the read :)

  5. Glad the push was a positive one :)

    Great going, Purnima!

  6. Super glad! :D
    Thanks Ruchira for the read and comment :)

  7. Wow Purnima, this is truly inspiring... need to try making mine soon :)

  8. Thanks Privy!
    Yep, making the failure resume was quite an experience! :)

  9. The failure resume... I could relate to every point in the academic and professional categories. And the inability to say 'no' has been quite an issue with me... Still haven't been able to completely get rid of the problem.

    I hadn't paid attention to what the ElusiveOne posts were all about. But now am gonna read them all. A creative block is something I need to overcome... And I need a cheerful head for that. As soon as I can laugh with abandon again I guess I won't have to worry about creativity. :)

    1. :) I'm also continuing to struggle with the inability to say 'no'!
      Thanks for the read and the comment Surya :)


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