Thursday, March 31, 2011

Onwards to Korea - Part 2 (Concluding Part)

For Part 1, click here

"Refreshed" after the boiled corn and French fries, I began my hunt for the Free Internet Service Station. And why didn't I use my laptop instead?
Well, as luck wold have it, the day I left for Korea, was some mega power block in Navi Mumbai area. No power frm 8-6! Wow!! So ya laptop was dead...

Moving on, I finally did find a place. It read I could use it for 15 min, but hey till someone stands behind me and asks me to get up, I ain't going anywhere. Finally spoke to family and friends. Ah Internet is such a life saver I tell you. After chatting for some time, I could see some desperate souls like me waiting for their turn and I offered them my seat. (I'm nice at times :D)

There was still about 4 hours to go... Nintendo DS to the rescue! Played for quite sometime and suddenly heard a rumble. It was my stomach. How long can boiled corn and fries sustain; also I've a good appetite. :P
I was wondering what to eat! Of course... the safest food I could have without fear was Chocolates! Went around and bought a big pack of Toblerone Minis. Yay!

Munching on the chocolates, one after the other, I happily headed to the gate and opened my book to read. Books are like time machines (Amitabh Bacchan says that in the Reid & Taylor ad).... Need I say more?

It was time to board!

Cathay Pacific Airlines. First impressions? It was just like any other airlines... I only worried about food. I had requested for Indian Veg Meal, but then I didn't expect much esp after the food I had in Jet. Also it was China! is full of surprises...Cathay pacific served the best Indian veg meal I had! Pulav, naan, & paneer mutter! Yummy!!!

After that content meal, soothing music is what I wanted. Turned on the flight's channels and to my surprise they had Bollywood music too... I loved Cathay Pacific already :D
The hours flew by in my sleep and the captain announced that it was near time to land.
That was the time, the harsh reality struck me. I wasn't going home! All this while it just felt like those days with a hectic travel schedule.. but the ending was always home...

But, it wasn't this time!

Landed. It was an unknown place, unknown people, unknown territory. I wasn't scared but I wanted to run back home. The thought that I wasn't returning home was tormenting me... Went through the exit, lost in thoughts.

My ex-boss was  waiting for me. I couldn't recognize him, but he could (ain't hard to spot an Indian here.) He called out my name, took over my luggage trolley, talked about old times and tried to make me feel comfortable. He gave his phone so that I could inform everyone back home about my safe journey. I couldn't speak much.. Various emotions were gushing. Held on to them and went on...

After 1.5 hrs of drive, we finally reached the apartment arranged for me. My boss, his family and my friend Praveen were there to welcome me. A sweet little place and the people were so warm and friendly.  After light introductions and greetings, everyone left. My friend however stayed back for sometime, we chit-chatted about old days and then he left too.

It was past midnight and I still couldn't get any sleep. "It sucks to be away from home"... I remember murmuring that for a long time only to wake up to the sun. It was months since anyone saw the sun in Korea. Maybe, he just followed me all the way here, to make sure I'm fine :)

This concludes the "Onwards to Korea"post. Will list my living experience here as it goes... :)


  1. It was months since anyone saw the sun in Korea. Maybe, he just followed me all the way here, to make sure I'm fine :)

    We paid him to do that.

  2. Next one ... better be soon.. Super like ;)

  3. very nicely written....its lots of months here no one has seen puurnima ....:)i miss u

  4. Thanks ppl :)
    @Somesh: Lolz, that was very thoughtful of you guys :P

    @Priya: next one... soon... ah well.. :P

  5. @pritesh sakhare: I miss all guys too!! :)
    Sorry this comment was published late... Somehow it had missed the approval process...


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