Monday, June 1, 2009

Was Akbar an idiot?

I was going through the Akbar & Birbal stories during my lunch time... And it just struck me that Akbar was a stupid king and without Birbal, he wouldn't have done anything right...

Or at least thats what the stories seem to tell people...

Now some say Akbar did such stupid things to test Birbal... (God, he really had no other work to do, eh?)
Also, i don't know how sentencing someone to death or denying someone his reward is "stupid things to test Birbal"

And then when u see the movie "Jodha Akbar", Akbar is some big shot smart fellow...

Now, m really confused which story to believe....


  1. If you go by our country's mentality, then Hrithik Roshan is right..if not, then whatever you initially thought was right....:)


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