Friday, April 10, 2009

Blah Blah

I don't know where to start off! I've so many things to write, thanks to my personal experience as well as inputs from my friends...

All of us must have seen how sucking up to your boss helps... You've seen the way they easily get promoted, respected and given authority...

Well... and then some of us are still unable to do it...

What happens if you don't?
Your promotions never happen or they are delayed.
Your talents or efficiency hardly gets appreciated.
You are made to feel outcasted..

And what if you are a girl?
Ha Ha! Screwed!!
You are not taken seriously.
They think you are brainless.
Whatever you try to do is ignorable!

Besides all this few of us girls still stay in this partial world trying to make a point every time and failing miserably at that...

Less efficient men get paid more... Taking on roles they are unable to handle.

Irrespective of having better qualities, we get sidelined... I'm pretty sure some of the guys will also agree with me on this point.

Only when dire necessity comes is when you're needed.. till then you're optional! You don't even know that such a project exists!!

We are all asses working our ass off all day only to get nothing in the end... No appreciation, No respect, No importance, No money either!!

And then you slog and slog with no time to blog!!!

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