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A Quiet Place - Movie Rant

This post has spoilers from the movie, A quiet place as well as from the series Walking dead.

SPOILERS are gonna start now. You've been warned.

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John Krasinski and I go way back, unbeknownst to Krasinski. 😛 Our connection is from the series, The Office (US). Back when I was working at Indiagames, I was one of the game designers for the game based on this series. And when Amazon Prime got the series to India, I binge watched it all. Total nostalgia and some more. As it happened, the day I finished the series finale, I was thinking to myself that it had been quite some time that I saw a horror/thriller movie and this was the one that was running! I'm not sure how I got *that* thought after completing 'The Office' though! 😏

Anyhoo, long story short, my friend and I landed up at the threatre to watch it. We were hoping that the crowd is not the usual idiotic ones where people end up laughing to hide the fact that they were scared and some guy showing his bravado and teasing others for getting scared or some idiot who reveals the plot. I HATE THEM ALL!

My friend did say, the chances that we may encounter these idiots would be less, as this movie is not the traditional supernatural horror. And he was right!

By the way, this is a rant, *my* rant. And hence I'm going to point out the parts *I* didn't like. This isn't a review!  I liked the movie. It was quite good! All the actors did a great job, especially Emily Blunt! If you like the horror/thriller genre, I would totally recommended that you watch it. It is a beautifully executed movie. 

So finally, let's begin. 

1) Parenting skills: 

Someone tell  me, what parenting classes are these people attending? Is Lori from Walking dead giving lessons to them? 

You can't make any noise. You let a 4 -year old (or 3? can't recall the exact age) walk into the supermarket and be on his own. He's a kid FFS! Almost drops the rocket toy from the top of the shelf, but the older kid saves the day. Even after witnessing that, no alarm bells go off in their heads. Alright, fine, supplies are important and well situation was temporarily under control. 

But then, before exiting the shop, dad says no to rocket, telling (via sign language) that it makes too much noise. Removes the battery in front of the kid, and keeps the rocket and the battery right there. I actually thought that he would give the rocket to the kid, and put the batteries in his pocket or so. That would have been the logical thing to do. But well, there is no story then! 

Anyway, the big sis feels bad for her little brother and gives him the rocket anyway. And the parents don't know this, why? Because they have got out leaving their kid with the rocket right there at the desk. (The kid who really really wants the rocket as he thinks it is the escape route and also well, he is a KID). The kid decides to take the batteries too because it was lying right there!

Cut to them walking back to their house. The dad is carrying the middle child. Followed by mom, followed by big sis (who is deaf & mute) and followed by the 4 year old in the end. SERIOUSLY??? Who does that? Even in a safe world, you keep the kids in the middle! Let the adults act as the head and the tail of a line! This is basic!! CHRIST!!!!  You can see this lineup in the trailer.

And our kid can't wait to get to the house to play with the rocket. Decides to put the batteries and play right away. Big sis can't hear. Mom and dad turn around with utter shock in their faces. Dad runs towards kid, but he is too late. (Supposed to be a sad moment. I was more angry than sad.)

There were so many ways that particular accident could have been avoided! Yikes!  Also, I'm surprised the kid kept quiet for 89 days. 

Later in the movie too, she has no idea where the older kid is and she being heavily pregnant decides to loiter around the house and lose track of time!! 

In Walking dead, the parenting skills (esp of Lori) was a lot worse! 

2) The joy of pregnancy:
Ok, I know having a child is all about life and hope and stuff! But FFS, you are barely making it alive yourself. Then why are you bringing a baby which will not understand anything about keeping quiet into this world? Are you secretly trying to feed the monster? 

I would take a dig at walking dead also here, where people are getting pregnant even when zombies are right at their front door. 

Keep it in your pants, people! I know sex could be a stress buster, entertainment or anxiety relief etc. But there are ways "to have sex" without getting pregnant!!! Aaarrgh!

Also, did the newborn not cry at all until dad came along? Or the fireworks went on for thaaat long? 😕

3) Nailed it:
It's been more than a year! You know how careful you have to be. And yet when the clothes bag was stuck, mom decides to apply force and pull  it instead of stepping down and taking it without risking any noise! There was a good chance, that the force applied could have snapped the wooden plank and there would have been noise!  Again, the movie's plot wouldn't have been there without that nail, if you think about it.

4) Glass is life:
For someone trying to live by without making any noise, they sure have a lot of glass items around the place. 
  • The lantern kept so frigging close. 
  • All storage containers were glass (I understand glass makes for a better storage, but is it worth it?)
  • That photo frame (which is the major plot point). Why not just take the damn photo? Why take the whole frigging frame??

Honorable Mentions:
  1. Why wasn't the older kid allowed in the basement? My friend and I discussed some potential theories but none of them seemed justifiable enough to not let her go.  
  2. Also, in all these days, I'm sure dad could have found time to tell her that it isn't her fault and that he loves her or so. Ain't that hard!!
  3. That old man is an asshole. Period.

My Dark Twist:
  1. What if she had figured out that the earpiece annoys the monsters and turns it off right at that instant to kill the dad because she doesn't like him anymore? 👼👿😁

That's a wrap. I should have written it when the movie was fresh in my head. I may have missed some points. But hey, I at least wrote it now! 😅

Also if you want to read up on what makes it a good movie, then read my friend's postI totally agree with a vast majority of what he has written there. That's why I would totally recommend this movie.

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