Friday, March 26, 2010

Kareems - U turn!

It was my brother in law's birthday yesterday and we (my bro-in-law aka jeeju, my sis, my hubby and ofc I) finally decided to head to Kareems, the new one that has opened up at In-Orbit Mall, Vashi.
It was a biriyani, kebab special restaurant.

So after a quick scan, my hubby and jeeju, decided on Murg (Chicken) Kalmi Kebabs (I hope I've the name right) and a Mutton boneless Dum Biriyani on sharing basis. My sis and I, as we are vegetarians, decided on Lasooni Paneer Kebabs and Subz Dum Biriyani.

When the dude came to take orders, my hubby, Arjun started giving the orders : 
Arjun: Subz Biriyani, Lasooni Paneer, Murg Kalmi
Dude: Sorry sir, we do not have any of the Kalmi varities and we don't have *another thing, forgot the name*
Arjun (after discussing with my jeeju) : Do you have Murg Nizam?
Dude: Yes sir
Jeeju: And what is it?
Dude: It is basically like chicken tikka with black pepper, actually all of this (pointing to menu) are like taht... more blah blah...
Arjun: We will take that and a mutton boneless biriyani
Dude: Sorry sir, we do not have mutton boneless...
Arjun: Err, alright, chicken boneless?
Dude: Sorry sir, we do not have anything boneless for biriyani
Arjun: Fine then, just mutton biriyani and give us 2/4 pepsi
Me: Please take extra care while serving the veg and non-veg varieties in this table.
Dude: Not to worry ma'm. *smile*

And then we were chit-chatting, and then hunger started to trouble my sis and hubby. I had happily munched away 5 onion slices (Surprised? then u don't know me :D) 

The pepsi was the first to arrive. He got 2 glasses full of pepsi. 
Arjun: We asked for 2/4...
Another dude: But...but... I... we... don't serve 2/4
Arjun: Err... Just give us two glasses.. we will do it ourselves?
Another dude: Oh..ok... :-s

And then finally the Lasooni Paneer arrived...
Holy crap, there were just 6 pieces!! That was hardly a starter worth 170 Rs!! Grr! He served 3 each for me and my sis! And he ofc asked whether we wanted cabbage, which filled half of the plate! Bloody hell! I didn't pay 170 for cabbage....

But well, the paneer was really tasty though... And after we finished our paneer, the chicken arrived...same state... 6 pieces and loads of cabbage!
We were beginning to worry abt the biriyani as we thought we would take it up on sharing basis... After a long wait, the Mutton biriyani arrived... and like we guessed, that was just enough for one average eater.
Def not worth the 200 bucks!

And taking it from my hubby and jeeju, it wasn't all the great either!
And we waited and waited for our Subz biriyani and meanwhile Arjun also gave the order of a chicken biriyani to "anothre dude".. That too came and still no sign of Subz biriyani... Then we called the "dude" and 

Dude: You didn't tell me, you ordered chicken biriyani...
Arjun: We gave u the order of mutton biriyani and subz biriyani and the kebabs
Dude: But I repeated the order and u were fine with it!
Sis: Dude, you didn't repeat any order, now go and fetch the subz biriyani

After another long wait, different dude comes with biriyani much to our relief...

Me: Veg right?
Different Dude: No, it's mutton!
Everyone: *WTF!*
Me: We asked for VEG BIRIYANI! 
Different Dude: But you guys only complained that the mutton biriyani was not delivered to the table?
Me: Do you guys even listen?? We said the Veg hasn't come!!

Dude calls out Different Dude from the kitchen...

And then in some time the veg finally came, we were bloody hungry, it wasn't enough even for one of us and came for 160 bucks and we were def not in the mood to order another after so much screw ups! Plus, it tasted nothing great! Might as well have had it in any Udupi restaurant! The only thing we ordered was 2 more pepsi!

Apparently even the chicken biriyani wasn't any great. Also, two of my friends (non vegetarians) weren't happy with the place. One even pointed out, how the lights are so dim so that you can't see what u are eating!
Anyways my rating:

Kebabs: 3-3.5/5
Biriyani: 2/5
Service: 0/5

With a bill of a little over Rs 1200, we were least bit happy and decided that we will never return to this place ever!


  1. Thank you for that review...Me and Ruthie wanted to try that place for lunch once, but went to Pot Pourri I shall stick to Cactus when no other place appeals... At least they know me there. You know you are an alcoholic if the bar waiters know you, your brand of cigarettes, alcohol and exact amount of it you can ingest before regurgitating food..

  2. lolz... ya, maybe u can still try it out... :P
    pot pourri def a better choice anyday...

    Cactus...long time since i visited.. so do u get discounts??

    Palm Beach Galleria now has a lounge bar (Brass monkey).. need to check that out!

  3. Brass Monkey, huh??? Will try that...They shut 'nandos and Haka right?? Haven't been there in a while...Went down to Cactus recently, ever since they opened a tapri smoking zone in the back with low light and four tables...nice, small and cozy...and no I do not get a discount...I pay retail like everyone...i am sure they don't want to give an alcoholic discounts

  4. I am always vary of the food chains named after eateries that they are even remotely not connected to. Kareems is no different. I was very disappointed with their outlet at Pune as well.

    Vashi seems to be developing a food scene! I will check some places out the coming weekend when I am there ! In the meantime, I will pass on your review to my friends at Vashi. Very nicely written pieces of conversation there :P

  5. @karthik: ya, someone had said that its the first in vashi... yet to try it out.... yup, haka nad nandos closed... they were decent ones! anyways, if u check out brass monkey before me, then lemme know! :D

    @ashish: lolz.. so, looks like they just have a name..and y is that again? considering they are bad everywhere... weird.. ya vashi is turning out to be good... and thank you :D

  6. Well its a franchisee feeding off the century old reputation of the Karim hotel near Jama Masjid at Delhi. The clones, however, are nothing like the original...

  7. I wanna try out Rockville in TD told me they have live music there..

  8. @ashish: aa.. i c!
    @karthik: m lazy to go that far! :P

  9. Hi Purnima,

    Just stumbled upon your blog while surfing. There's some nice writing there!

    I've been to Kareem's in Pune, they have two branches here, and no one's complaining! I've never been to the restaurant, but the Chicken kabab rolls are amazing! Try them sometime.


  10. @Anuja: Thanks for your comment :)
    I will let my hubby know abt the rolls, as m a vegetarian :D

  11. FYI...I went down to brass monkey today evening with Ruthie...Since I can't write a review as you can, I will have to suffice with a comment.

    Ambiance is not bad. Music is crap. All they did play was Punjabi Crap Hop, bollywood remix shite, and club tracks. They have a tapri dance floor with lasers( I think it is just two laser torches), a smoking zone/lounge area with dim lights. And guess what?? They don't serve food there. Food is just starters. Tried fried calamari which tastes like squid bhajiya. And an assorted wonton basket. Both the items tasted like they were fried in last week's oil. I had to have a cutting chai, a smoke and a vada pav from a stall outside to rid myself of the taste.
    Didn't try the veg. So can't comment. The soda in my whisky was flat. I might as well have asked for water. And as usual, beer choices are lesser than advertised on the menu. I mean, no Heineken??? WTF??

    The service was OK. Nothing to rave about. The waiters seemed to ignore my request to turn the volume of the music down a notch. I had no desire to inflict that kind of pain on my ear drums, unless it was grunge.

    Also me and Ruthie were the only people there other than the waiters. It was pretty much empty. Also they have a projector screen for sports watchers.

    All in all a "meh!!" experience.

  12. As I was saying...they are not accepting credit cards for now

  13. Just starters? Boring! No credit cards? They better enable it.... We all thrive on credit cards! :D

  14. mostly starters...and they are not allowed in the smoking


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