Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy B'day to me! (18th July)

Ya, so it was ma b'day yesterday...
I really enjoyed it!!!!!! I really mean it...hehe

Morning me n my sis went to my fiancé's place and he gave me a cute card and even more cuter teddy bear!

I didn't expect it, coz he had already got me the dress! Cho chweet of him!

Later, me, my fiancé, my sis n jeeju went for Harry potter, after stuffing ourselves with popcorns and coke, both the men headed home for sleep..

Sis too accompanied them as she had to get my chweet 6 month old nephew and take him to her office...
And i headed to jawed habib's hair express that has opened up at Raghuleela!
99 for any haircut!!!! Damn cheap!
And thanks to them, a lot of girls are walking out stylish!

And the guy who did my haircut, he did well i must say!
To make me look pretty (a lot of ppl said that.. so m believing!!)
Yes that's a great deal! At least for me! :P

And so have i changed my profile pic to that!

And then i joined my sis and took my nephew to her office and everyone there enjoyed with him...He's a darling!

And then came back, home, did some masti, and then all family headed to Pot Pourri of inORbit Mall, Vashi for dinner!

Nice ambiance.. food was served really fast and i would rate 3.5/5 of what i had!

Veg Sizzlers had two varieties only... one paneer and one babycorn mushroom cauliflower... the paneer wasn't that great... they need to give sauces!

Can't beat kobe on that!!

Jeeju who had non-veg sizzler had no choice... just one variety!

The white sauce pasta was really yummy....
The pizza, 7" didn't even fill my stomach! Tooo thin crust, I still need some thickness come on!

And then we finally wrapped it up with ice creams....

Was nearly a perfect day except that my poor fiancé had an upset stomach.. so he just had the ice cream... :(

I have promised a special treat for him when he gets well though :)

Anyways, a BIG thanks to all those who bear with me all the time! Love u guys!


  1. Whoa!!! Quite a day...Pot Pourri is ok..I've just had nachos there..Cheesy..Nice haircut. Pardon me but why do I keep feeling like someone who steals a personal diary and reads from it? :)

    Yea Apple's gonna pay one day. And yes I am on facebook.

  2. Happy Birthday to you too.....:D

    'twas a dark and stormy night that bode ill for the twins. In the flash of the lightning, one child was whisked away never to be seen, bred to be a carnival freak, preyin upon innocent finish the story. :)

  3. It's so wierd...We have all these online handles, no one believes me when I tell them that my online name is Karthik Subramanian. That's what I am listed under my ugly mug.

  4. Micheal Bolton??!!! Micheal Bolton??!!! ...The sketch took me about 20-30 minutes I guess


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