Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Intellectual luncheons

When i go out with the guys from my office for lunch (when i don't get mine from home), it's a completely different experience...

Most are geeks and i love their company... The conversation maybe technical, programming, sci-fi book or movie or just plain anything that grabs my attention compared to the regular hindi movies, boy friends etc...

However, we discussed barbie, katrina kaif and aishwarya rai today! Well... the inorbit mall (vashi) did have some barbie thingy going on...

Maybe that led to it.... Hmmm... weird... intellectual luncheons and barbie don't match...

Oh and yes, we did agree when one of them made a point after looking into this pink room set up "Anyone who stays in that will grow up to be an airhead!"


  1. so whats the difference between barbie, katrina and aish...or what's the similarities?

    ..came across your poetry first....first time I have actually understood poetry..you write well....so you a concept writer as well?

  2. actually it's a dream god...Morpheus...from Neil Gaiman's Sandman books.

  3. Hmm.... the similarity between barbie, katrina and ash is that we were talking abt who fits teh role of the indian barbie... I do recall that being a topic in the newspaper...

    Then we were talking abt aish's beauty over katrina and katrina's youth over aish aunty etc.. We didnt come to any conclusion as we all had diff opinions...

    Later we just focused our concentration to teh Appams, panneer gussi & veg mallipuram

  4. mmmmmmmm appams drooool...you may be able to find a book or two at The Odyssey in Palm Beach Galleria....but most definitly at Landmark, Andheri.
    So you also code the games?? dunno much about creating games.


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