Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I can't stand the "typical" girls!

I just can't! I've always been with a group of guys and the limited female friends i hand out with are pretty intellectual and able to talk abt topics besides fashion and men.

Intelligence, general knowledge, computer savy, humor etc are some of the features i look for in my friends irrespective of the gender...
Well.. i like the geek sorts!!

And sorry to say... but most girls & ya.. few guys...don't fit the bill!

I once had a girl ask me if my DS was a laptop!
Christ... its alright not to know abt the DS... but compare it with the laptop!!?

And then the typical girls.... they like to scream, they literally laugh out loud damaging everyone's eardrum, they make a great deal about a poor guy who forgot to give two of them a cashew nut, who scared the hell outta me when they were discussing abt how a girl's dupatta was wrongly aligned (point to be noted: nothing was revealed because of that anyways...) And they think the washroom is their hangout place...

I've tried to reduce my visits to the washroom as much as possible!
But then what to do... I gotta pee!!!!!!!!!!


  1. See now guys would never hang out at washrooms...coz the men's loo just plain stinks..

  2. Ha Ha, never been there, so won't comment! :P


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