Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to suck up to your boss?

Those who are looking for answers here... Sorry...its just my rant that you are gonna find.

I just don't get it... How.. How can you suck up to anyone? I mean don't you have a life??

Well... ya.. so it gets u few benefits... but seriously do u even feel honored by them... Won't you have the guilt that u were rewarded for ur excellence in sucking up and not because of ur talent...

I would take that as a hurts my ego to suck up to anyone!! N i've a pretty big EGO!!!

And by EGO, i mean - my consciousness of my identity and not the inflated pride.

And no, i don't like a round flag!! (only very few will understand this)


  1. OK the flag I don't get.....but everything else I do...I used to just be fascinated by suck-ups...I used to watch them in blatant action in my work-place. Gotta admit, it is some kind of talent to be able to suck up so much, your boss would divorce his wife if his lackey thought it would mean more for the business.....but it soon got on my nerves when the suck up put me in shit trouble. My personal way of dealing with this now has been to get myself a nice extra large earphones and have Pearl Jam blaring through it so I don't have to listen to this crap (Oh yeah!! They do it right in front of me. I wanna yell out "Get a room you freaks!!!)). Sorry. Had to get it out of the system...good post.

  2. Ya that's pretty much what I do too! Thank God for headphones, umm... Thank God for making man create one rather!

    And then when they are in my visual range, i either get out of there or sink deep into my computer!!


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